There’s a lot of yellow and purple in the picture which makes it stand out, because they are complimentary colors. Then there is a lot of green, black, red, and white.

All the different types of lines make it look very crazy and awkward. there seems to be a man yelling at a dog, he looks like he’s yelling because his mouth is really wide, and his eyes are slanted. there’s also a guy in a rocket.  There is also a building, a plant, a ninja, another rocket, a guy, and another building, and a red bunny, and a guy in a robot hand.

The style is crazy and free. The title is “Pyro” i think its called that because its mainly yellow and red and those colors relate to fire.

 I like the picture because its so random and it has lots of colorand it makes me feel happy.





animals are killers

animals will eat you in your sleep

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